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2014 Conference Award Winners

The National Fragile X Foundation is pleased to announce the 2014 NFXF Conference Award winners.

The following individuals are recognized for their outstanding service to the Fragile X community. Congratulations and thank you to the winners for their dedication and passion in moving Fragile X forward.

  1. Cindi Rogers received the Al & Melissa Blount Lifetime Achievement Award for sustained and generous support of the NFXF and the Fragile X community.
  2. Vicki Sudhalter, PhD,at the Institute for Basic Research, NY, received the Al and Melissa Blount Lifetime Achievement Award for sustained and generous support of the nFXF and the Fragile X community.
  3. Peter Todd MD, PhD, University of Michigan, received the Randi & Paul Hagerman Award for groundbreaking research on Fragile X-associated Disorders.
  4. Craig Erickson, MD, Cincinnati Children’s FXS Research & Treatment Center, received the NFXF Clinical Award for translational research and dedicated clinical service to families in the worldwide Fragile X community.
  5. Elizabeth Berry-Kravis MD, PhD, Rush University Medical Center received the William and Enid Rosen Research Award for outstanding contributions to our understanding of Fragile X.
  6. Janet Rivera, Fragile X Association of Southern California, received the Community Support Network Award for significant contributions to awareness and support of the Fragile X community.



  • My family had the privilege of working w Dr Elizabeth Berry-Kravis this summer. Wow thank u so much for changing our lives forever. To give someone hope what a gift. Nothing but wonderful service and understanding from her and Jamie . Thank you . God has blessed us with your gifts and knowledge.

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