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15th International Fragile X Conference is coming too….

The 15th International Fragile X Conference is coming too….


  • I am a carrier, but have no symptoms. My oldest Son – now age 56 – began showing balance problems at age 50. He finally was diagnosed with FXTAS, and is trying to deal with this disorder very bravely and is very active in trying to get more awareness available and publicized.
    So far none of my other 2 sons have this Disorder (ages 51 and 55), and my daughter (age 47) has been tested and s NOT a carrier. We do not know of any other family members with FX or FXTAS, but older members were Parkinsons sufferers. At that time no one knew about FX or FXTAS. We hope UCDavis’s Mind Institute will have luck with their research on this Disorder – they are really working on it!
    They need FUNDING for more Human Testing now! Can Nat’l Fragile X Foundation contribute to this new research and hoped for Clinical Trials–for FXTAS specifically. Dr. Randi Hagerman at the Mind Institute is one of the leading scientists working on the viability of 2 promising new drugs. Trials with MICE have been very promissing. HELP!

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