How Does This Virtual 5K Fundraiser Actually Work?

We're getting ready! Are you?

We’re getting ready! Are you?

What is a virtual run/walk?

A virtual run/walk is pretty simple. You sign up and we mail you the official T-shirt and race bib. Then you and everyone from everywhere choose your own date, time and place to do your running or walking in the month of July.

If there is no one place or event to go, won’t I look silly running on my own?


At the “finish line” waiting for my wife to finish her virtual run!

Absolutely not! In fact, my wife did a recent run on her own around our neighborhood for Sandy Hook Elementary and because of my injured knee, I met her at various stages of her run via my car, took photos of her running, then made it back to hold a sign for her at the end!

Besides, you can also put together a team of Let ‘Em Knowers to help run and fundraise with you!

Then, share photos of getting ready for your race, walking/running your race, and any post-race activities you may be doing! Just go to our official NFXF Let ‘Em Know Facebook page, or share your photos with us on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Pinterest using the hashtag #NFXFLetEmKnow5K.

You’re not alone, because we’re all with you!

OK, I heard there’s a matching challenge grant? So how does the fundraising part work?

Al and Melissa Blount have generously set a $25,000 matching challenge grant for us. If we reach that goal, we’ll double our total donations to $50,000! But we can only do it with your help.

First, go to the NFXF Let ‘Em Know 5K event on Click on “Join this Event”, and then “Register”. It takes literally less than a minute to sign up. Then, tell all your friends that you’re doing a 5K for Fragile X and ask them to donate! Use Facebook! Use Twitter! Send friends and family email! Call out your fundraising cavalry!

There are so many members of the Fragile X Community. If everyone were to join and get even small donations from just 5 to 10 friends, we could reach our goal JUST LIKE THAT!

What if I don’t want to run or walk, but still want to help?


Start your fundraiser today and help us reach our goal!

No problem! When you click on “Join this Event” on our Crowdrise event page, just select “Start Your Own Fundraiser”! You won’t get a shirt and a race bib, but it’s free to join and you can still help us reach our goal by creating a page for the NFXF Let ‘Em Know 5K. Share the page with friends and family to ask them to donate. You’ll still be eligible to win the Grand Prize of a free registration to the 14th International Conference in Orange County or a $250 Amazon gift card.

One Grand Prize goes to the individual who raises the most money, and the other Grand Prize individual who has the highest number of donors. So the more people you reach, the better!

So, wait, that’s it?

Yes. That is absolutely it. Nothing else is necessary. You can make this as big or small of an event as you want. But we’re all in it together!

Marcia L. Braden, PhDDavid Salomon
is the communications coordinator for the National Fragile X Foundation and a guy who just loves using social media.