Texas Walks Across the State!

Congratulations to the three Texas LINKS “pardners” for organizing their successful and fun Fragile X awareness walks on Saturday November 10th.

Walkers of all ages participated in Houston, San Antonio and Dallas to raise money and awareness for Fragile X!


The Texas Fragile X Association held its first Fragile X Awareness Walk in Dallas over 150 registered walkers enjoying the sunny, but windy day! Thanks to Taco Taxi’s donation the event included delicious food as well. A new tradition was started by Venture Mechanical and partners by creating the Venture Mechanical Friends of Jessica figurine. Proud parents, Lynda and Mike Rogers were thrilled!

San Antonio and Houston

The Fragile X Alliance of Texas held its 2nd Annual Fragile X Awareness Walk in both San Antonio and Houston. Each location had a great turnout with over 100 walkers at each event. Bounces houses for the kids, FX information tables, and lots of good food ensured everyone’s good time!

The NFXF is a proud supporter of these LINKS groups and their efforts and greatly appreciates all that they do in their communities to increase awareness and support for Fragile X. Thanks everyone!