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New LINKS Groups Sprouting Across the Country!

The Community Support Network is a wonderful way to get involved in the Fragile X community on a local level, to meet new families, share experiences, work together to raise awareness, advocate, fund raise, build friendships and most importantly, be a part of the support for families just like yours. Visit our Community Support Network map to see all of the LINKS groups and find the nearest one to you.

It’s been a very busy fall for the LINKS Support Network! We have many new groups and some established groups changing leadership. It is a very exciting time for families with new opportunities for social and awareness events, fund raising, advocacy and educational opportunities.

We are excited to welcome the following groups, who have recently sent out surveys of interest to families in their area:

Leaders: Kara Frech, Ruth Butler, & Tara Pizzo

 (Iowa and South Dakota)

Leaders: Tim Geels, Brenda Slama, & Nancy Carlson

Leader: Brittany Marshall

We are excited to be working with the following up and coming groups – if you are in these areas please be on the lookout for a survey and information coming your way soon!

Leaders: LisaMarie and Bob Valdez

Leaders: Gwen McCloud and Stormy Hamm

Leaders: Jennifer and Rene’ Devantier

Leader: Tiffany Pace

Leader: Lisa Bryan

Also be watching for exciting information on new LINKS groups in Maryland, Florida and North Carolina.


  • Amazing to have all of these new LINKS group available for more families! Congratulations!

  • Very interests to find a link group in the West Palm Beach area in Florida. Please contact me if I can help. Iris Stolper

    P.S. My son will turn 41 this month.

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