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Hi, I am a carrier of FX. I am also a mother to 3 amazing little girls, two of which have FX. I learned I was a carrier when I was pregnant with my 3rd daughter. I linked that with the problems I saw in my middle daughter Jazlynn. I noticed a difference between her and my oldest when it came to reaching milestones. Jazzy was obviously delayed. I quickly found a school that gave Jazzy PT, OT & speech therapy. When she was 2 I found out she also has autism spectrum disorder. She is now 3 and has met every milestone, she is also potty trained. Jazzy is brilliant she has a special bond with her older sister she is so loving & sweet. She is not the same with everyone or everywhere, she is uncomfortable with unfamiliar situations, she is also a picky eater (the textures in the foods). She is shy and quiet but inside her comfort zone like our house I get to enjoy her personality & brilliance.

When I found out Yzabella had FXS it came to me as a bit of a shock. She has always met her milestones. Her speech was a little delayed, but nothing to raise any red flags. She never received therapy or was in She is a fantastic
reader and actually
reads above grade level.
any early education programs when it came time for kinder she made honor roll every quarter. Now she is in 1st grade and is also doing very well she loves learning. She is a bit weak in math but tutoring gets her back on track. She is a fantastic reader and actually reads above grade level. She loves to play and has a wild imagination, such a great helper around the house and amazing with her sisters.

They both have FXS but are both very different. Give your children love and time. Dedicate time with your kids and they will grow up to be wonderful adults!  Always stay positive and remember you were blessed with your children.