The stories shared in our Forward Thinking video series are told by parents who like most of you, have hope for their child or children. They represent the many families who rely on the NFXF to keep their hopes high as they face the many challenges created by the Fragile X diagnosis.

We will be sharing these stories with you each week, and ask that you in turn share them with everyone you know: your circle of friends, neighbors and colleagues.


So that the NFXF and our programs can continue be a source of hope for all families. While that hope doesn’t always arrive immediately, it does come eventually, day by day, conversation upon conversation. Families discover the knowledge, the allies, and the truly life-changing support of a caring and cohesive Fragile X community. And the NFXF is proud to be the provider of the support that means so much!

When you share this powerful story, tell your friends and family members why you give to the NFXF Annual Fund (and if you haven’t you still can!). Tell them why their donation is also crucial to our ability to help continue to support the many families like Mike and Hayden’s on their journey to hope.

Together, we can do this! Thank you!

Visit to learn more about the Annual Fund and our Forward Thinking video series.