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A Miracle We Never Expected

By Susan Bloomer, mother and FX Carrier

A Miracle We Never Expected

Peter, age 3, in the orange sweater vest, has full mutation FX with endless possibilities to achieve all that he dreams. Peter has an infectious smile and heart that could warm the Arctic. His older brothers who don’t seem to be affected, but have not been tested, have learned of patience, kindness and standing up for what is right at a very early age. And even though Peter was not fond of his sister from the beginning, he now, will not go anywhere without her. We continue to watch Peter grow and learn in ways we never thought would be possible.

We love all of his wonderful quirks, from the hand-flapping (to show a form of excitement I would love to achieve), to the pats on the back (to let me know he is sorry and is ok), to the giggles and laughter (because of the way a word sounds). We have learned and will continue to learn more from him than he will ever learn from us. We are truly blessed to have him in our family, and thank God every day for our “special” gift.


  • wonderful family!

  • I totally agree, that we too have been so blessed with our special gift, His name is Liam and he turns one on Jan, 24, 2012. At this time we know he has a full mutation but he has reached all his milestones and is above the curve, we just love the way some words just crack him up. We are working with him everyday playing, laughing and learning with him. we were told never put a limit on what he can do and learn. so thats what we are doing. pushing forward one step one day at a time.
    You have a Beautiful Family, our best to you. we are also on facebook under Beth Lytle Drake and my daughter is Adrian Drake she is Liams mommy, and a wonderful mom she is.

    • Beth my son is also named Liam and I love the meaning of their name. He is a year and a half old and today I got a phone call from a doctor at a hospital that did testing on Liam. I read both Susan story both have great families. Liam is a twin and his sister kerrie both love and fight with one another. Liam laughs at funny sounds as well. Both of you keep adding to my faith of being positive on this. Thank you to both! God bless you and your familys

  • You have a beautiful family, I also have a son with fragile x.
    He is now 16. We could not imagine life without him. your
    Son Peter reminds me of my son at that age he looks a lot like him.
    I would love to hear more about Peter, to talk to another family that can relate. If you are ever interested I have a facebook under Deanna Marie Melanson. Take care.

  • God is good in love with children

  • I have two boys Noah who is 5 . He is full mutation,and my other son Connor who is 2 hasn’t been tested yet . But he’s showing signs. We love both of our children and couldn’t imagine my life without them. They are a blessing from God and couldn’t be more blessed that I have them . Would love to talk to another parent of a fragile x child, I have Facebook, under Angelica Sykes from hurley va . *stay at home mom and wife. *

  • I have just learned about this and believe my son may hAve it. At 3, he was diagnosed with autism but now, at age 8, ahe has outgrown may of those symptoms. hand flapping, ADHD (difficulty focusino in school ), repeating words/stories, extremely engaged with games such as MINECRAFT, difficulty in math. How do I know if he has it or had previously been misdiagnosed? Please talk to me someone! !!!!

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